What do you need to know to be interview ready?

Learn more about the one-way video interview and how to perform well in this video environment.

It’s important to come across as yourself and authentic when in a video interview.  Learn these six tips to improve your on-camera authenticity.

Want to stand out in the interview?  Follow these five tips and make a memorable impression on the interviewer.

What is the ideal way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer or interviewer?  Follow these tips on how to create a video bio script.

Recording a video bio introduction involves what you say and how you say it.  You need to use the right words but you also need to deliver them with confidence and professionalism.  Learn best practices for recording a video bio intro.

One of the more popular form of screening in interviews today is based on competency-based questions.   Candidates need to understand competencies and how to talk about their strengths as it relates to competencies.  Watch this video to learn more about understanding competencies.

Learn more about how AI is used in the hiring process and what you need to know when responding to job applications and interviews.

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