What do you need to know to be interview ready?

Want to stand out in the interview?  Follow these five tips and make a memorable impression on the interviewer.

What is the ideal way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer or interviewer?  Follow these tips on how to create a video bio script.

Recording a video bio introduction involves what you say and how you say it.  You need to use the right words but you also need to deliver them with confidence and professionalism.  Learn best practices for recording a video bio intro.

Learn more about how to answer some of the general first stage, but difficult interview questions like “Tell me about yourself”.  Practice makes perfect.

One of the toughest questions to answer is the “weakness” question.  Watch this video to learn more about effective strategies and language to use when responding to the “Tell me about your weakenesses” question

One of the more popular form of screening in interviews today is based on competency-based questions.   Candidates need to understand competencies and how to talk about their strengths as it relates to competencies.  Watch this video to learn more about understanding competencies.

Want to ace your interview?  It takes practice and you need to carefully think about what you say and your use of language as many companies are using AI to evaluate your responses.    Learn more about how this assessment software works and what how to articulate yourself and your competencies.

Learn more about competencies and five key competencies that are important in the remote workplace.

Ever encountered a rude or disinterested interviewer? Here are some important tips on how to keep your cool and make the right impression.

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